Jeanie and Harry having lunch at a farm.
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I'm a mum to two boys, Teddy (6) and Harry (5). When the boys were young I decided to home educate. I was excited about all the fun outdoor and creative learning experiences they would participate in. Sadly, I discovered most websites and activities involve sitting down and writing. As a summer baby, Teddy had only just turned 5 when he started 'Year 1'. He was still struggling to hold a pencil properly. I didn't want his writing and reading abilities to hold him back from developing subject knowledge and other important learning skills.

Prior to having my boys I worked as a qualified teacher of dance. I gained experience in teaching: KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level dance and P.E throughout primary and secondary schools. I have always been a very practical hands-on learner, which is often not accounted for in schools. Thanks to a good understanding and comprehension of the U.K National Curriculum I decided to create Hands-On Education. I knew my children could learn through building, creating, designing, exploring and even playing!

Each year is catered to the curriculum and realistic abilities of most children in the chosen year. Many of these activities are open ended with no wrong answer to the approach. I want to share these activities with you and your children. Enjoy guiding your child through their learning experiences and have fun!